Like Venus herself, there is a chance you may find yourself falling head-over-heels in love.” 

RIBA Journal: Amanda Baillieu (Venus)

“How is such a contemporary addition possible in a small rural village?”

Grand Designs Magazine: Trish Lorenz (The Pink House)

“Chance de Silva’s inspired creation of two linked buildings at Cargo Fleet, north London, successfully addresses the changing face of the domestic”

 The Architects’ Journal: Andrea Wulf (Cargo Fleet)

“Out of this world”

The Sunday Times: Hugh Pearman (Venus)

“In the Whistler Street project, Brooks worked closely with the architects, who were creating a pair of experimental new-build houses using an unusual cladding material.”

Colours of Architecture: Andrew Moor (Cargo Fleet)

“We hear a lot about changes in family structures and the way people work and live, but remarkably few houses reflect this in their designs. One that does is Cargo Fleet.”

Wood Houses: Ruth Slavid (Cargo Fleet)

“The house commentates both on the changing nature of England’s industrial and built heritage, and on the increasing complexity of people’s lives. A bold and challenging statement, it raises as many questions as it answers.”

New London Architecture: Kenneth Powell with Cathy Strongman (Cargo Fleet)

“Tardis-like: the apparently narrow exterior conceals a three-level, airy. Japanese-inspired space”

 The Guardian: Lesley Gillilan

“Two proud owners, one rusting house”

The Times

“Fleeting glance”

Architects’ Journal

“Designed by the architects as their home, they took the unusual step of using steel. We find out if the gamble paid off”

Grand Designs

“In a quiet north London street, two young architects have managed against fairly stiff odds to build a modern folly with a Japanese twist.”

RIBA Journal

New London Architecture


TV & Radio:

- Grand Designs House of the Year 2018

- BBC Radio 3’s ‘Music Matters’ 2016

- HGTV (USA) ‘Extreme Homes’ pending 2014

- BBC1 London News 2006

- TF1 (France) ‘Du Cote de Chez Vous’ 2003

- BBC2 ‘Home Front’ 1998

- GLR 1998



- Metro, Nov 18

Hackney Gazette, Jan 2014 

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- Guardian



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Hackney Gazette, Jan 2014
Arts Journal, Jan 2014
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Time Space Existence: Made in Europe, GAA Foundation, Italy 2014

- 21st Century London, Kenneth Powell, Merrell 2011

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Film & Video:

- Ghosts and Echoes (dir:MashMosh) 2010

- Snapshots (dir:MashMosh) Cannes 2005

- 3 Minute Venus (Graham Cooper) 1998



Civic Trust001 BW

Awards Won:
- 2018 RIBA London Awards Winner

- 2017 International Property
  Awards United Kingdom: 
  Architecture Single 
  Residence 5-Star Winner

- 2016 International Property
  Awards United Kingdom: 
  Architecture Single 
  Residence 5-Star Winner

- 2014 International Property
  Awards United Kingdom: 
  Architecture Single 
  Residence 4-Star Winner

- 2014 LABC London: Best 
  Extension to an Existing 
  House  Highly Commended 

- 2012 International Property
  Awards United Kingdom: 
  Architecture Multiple Residence 
  and Architecture Single 
  Residence Highly Commended

- 2008 Civic Trust Mention
- 2006 The Islington Society
  Architecture and Conservation 
  Award Highly Commended

- 2000
 Civic Trust Commendation

- 1999 Copper Development
  Agency National Building 
  of the Year

- 1999 Geoffrey Gribble Memorial
  Conservation Award


- BD Awards: Individual House of the 
Year 2018
- NLA 2018 - Don't move improve
- AJ House of the Year 2017
- WAN Awards House of the Year
- NLA 2017 - Don't move improve
- Galvanizing Awards 2016
- NLA 2014 - Don't move improve
- 2006 
RIBA Award 
- 2005 RIBA Award
- 1999 RIBA Regional Award
- 1998 Royal Fine Arts
- Commission Building of the 
Year Award
















































DSC07427 BWExhibitions:

- Time Space Existence, La Biennale di Venezia 2014, 5 June -25 Nov 2014, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Chance de Silva & Scanner

- Des-Res, London’s Housing Challenge, 24 April-14 June 2008, New London Architecture Centre

- Venus: Incidents at the Love Hotel, 30 May – 21 June 1998, 
Chance de Silva, Graham Cooper, Matt Hale, Frank Watson




- Experience architecture: Inviting dialogue – Vex Bell

- Open House – Oxford Road  2017 and 2018

- Open House – Vex: architecture and sound between  2016-2018

- Open House – One Lancs with “That Burning Field” by Simon Head and Nick Scammell 2016

- Open House - Music Studio (Florence Road) with live chamber music organised by Richard Ireland / Penny Driver 2014

- Open House - One Lancs with paintings and photography by Simon Head 2014

- Open House - Casadanza with installation and live dance with Seeta Indrani/MashMosh 2010

- Open House - Venus and Cargo Fleet, between 1999-2007




- Looking Inside at UAL Chelsea College of Arts, London 2018

- Archiboo: Developing Small Sites – Stephen Chance, London 2018

- Time Making Space at Royal Academy, London 2017 

- Sound Seminar Series at Bartlett School of Architecture: Echoes & Loops – Stephen Chance and Scanner, London 2017 

- Concrete Elegance at Building Centre: Chance de Silva and Scanner, London 2017

- The Rust Revival, (Rust, Regeneration and Romance International Conference, University of Birmingham) 2013

- Cargo Fleet and Other Stories, at City University, London 2008

- Future Cities, at Grand Designs Exhibition 2006

- Art and Architecture at Fluid (conference) Whitechapel Art Gallery

- Two Projects at Goldsmiths College, London 2000


Venues for Events, Photography, Film etc:

- Fashion shoot at Venus, (Pernille Pahle)

- Book launch at Cargo Fleet (Frank Watson: The Hush House)

- Film shoot at Cargo Fleet (MashMosh)

- TV shoots at Venus and Cargo Fleet (BBC, TF1, HGTV)


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