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E-LO Vale


Chance de Silva  teamed up with Nightingale’s founder Mike Nightingale to form E-LO Vale Limited and develop three eco-houses in Forest Hill, south London. The project completed in Spring 2015.


The three houses were made available for a group of families/individuals wishing to live together sustainably. The houses are set into the sloping backland site and have a triple glazed facade, with a first floor deck, facing into the shared landscaped courtyard.


Above retaining structures the houses are timber-framed and timber-clad, with a green roof. They have exhaust air heat pumps connected to solar thermal and PV panels and under floor heating, with winter heating topped up by wood-burning stoves.


The scheme is regarded as a prototype for future ‘E-LO’ projects initiated by Mike Nightingale, and Chance de Silva.


Eco Vale – three eco-houses in Forest Hill